Nearly up to date

After moving into our new house in September and trying to settle back into the idea of UK life, we had a fairly uneventful few months. I had changed job in September and wasn’t happy there, so by October I had lined up a new place with a promotion to start in January. We celebrated Alex’s first birthday – where did that year go?! My husband was referred for a lumbar puncture and more scans after he saw a different specialist who was less confident about the MS diagnosis. Christmas was a bit of a challenge as Alex was unwell and when we ended up at the hospital on Boxing Day – poor thing had tonsillitis, hand, foot and mouth AND conjunctivitis!

We found out around the time that coronavirus kicked off that all my husband’s results had come back.

The consultant said he was almost certain that it wasn’t MS but he didn’t know what had caused his illness. It was fantastic news but also made us wonder what we were going to do now. We had just taken out a mortgage. I had just got a new job that I was really happy with. We didn’t know whether what caused my husband’s illness would come back.

Lockdown meant we had some time to think and with a backdrop of a global pandemic to put things into perspective. What were going to do?

Dreaming of sunnier climes

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