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Why Australia?

Today I thought I’d write about our motivations for moving. Partly to share but also I thought it would he interesting to look back and see if our hopes live up to the reality (if we ever get there!!). It started out really because my husband had always dreamed of living abroad, either temporarily orContinue reading “Why Australia?”

Nearly up to date

After moving into our new house in September and trying to settle back into the idea of UK life, we had a fairly uneventful few months. I had changed job in September and wasn’t happy there, so by October I had lined up a new place with a promotion to start in January. We celebratedContinue reading “Nearly up to date”

Best laid plans

So it’s 1st January 2018 and our visa has been granted. We’re both pretty shocked as a 3.5 month turnaround is incredibly quick. I was the main applicant and my husband, then ‘de facto’ partner, turned to me and said words to the effect of “I can leave you now, you’ve served your purpose” andContinue reading “Best laid plans”


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About Me

Hi, I’m Rachel! Our family of three is made up of me, my husband and our lovely son Alex. This blog follows our (maybe brilliant, maybe insane!) move from London to Melbourne.

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